Monday, February 8, 2010

Trudy with Rubingo children

We've learned in the last couple of weeks, that if there are children present, Trudy's greatest interest will be with them. This photo was taken at the Hope Choir performance in Rubingo. Children only smile for photos when coaxed - "Shaka, shaka" - we tell them, Runyankole for "smile". We have similar photos or Trudy with various babies, and they are pretty charming. Dinah, who I know from three years ago, came here with her 8th child on Saturday. She's called Helena. Sheila is one of the sewing ladies, and we met her son, Bright very soon after our arrival at Canada House. We muzungus (white people), of course, are quite an attraction.

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  1. I have been following along on your blog. My friend Trudy who I knew as a child sent me the address. She does look radiant in the picture with the children. I am looking forward to communicating with her about her trip when she returns home.
    Sandy Palmer, Ontario