Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Athens, Maker of Necklaces

Athens is a young woman in secretarial school. Both parents died of AIDS in the late nineties, and left her and her siblings with very little. She thought she would be forced to sell the small plot of land they had in order to continue in school, but a Canadian sponsor has enabled her to continue with her education. She is as bright as can be, and helpful and keen to learn new things. She will start back to school very soon, and when I met her last month, she was making paper necklances to raise some of the funds she would need to buy her supplies. When I saw the necklaces I offered to buy as many as she could make before I left, and here she is, with over 30 necklaces. I bought them all from her and will sell them back in Canada. And Athens? Well she is thrilled that for the first time ever she will be able to return to school with all the supplies on the list, and also with some new clothing. "I will be so happy this time," she said. "Now the other students won't be able to laugh at me."


  1. Wow - it's amazing that buying a bauble here could make such a difference there. Isn't it great that you can be that channel? Athens looks so happy that she has accomplished so much, it touches my heart. It's hard to imagine how full yours must feel with everything that you are getting to do.

  2. Pippa, just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your posts. Thank you!

  3. What an industrious, creative young woman. You will have no difficulty selling her beautiful necklaces when you get back, Pippa. You can't really get any more feel good about them: supporting a young woman in her education by purchasing a necklace made from recycled paper!! Win-win!