Thursday, June 26, 2014

How Time Flies . . . !!!

It's true what they say about time speeding up the older you get. Not that I'm "OLD", just a little older than I once was. Somehow this month has been lived and now we're almost at the end of it, and it's been a very good month indeed. Quilt Canada was hugely successful. I had wonderful classes of students, and saw tremendous work being done and on display in the various exhibits, then returned home to the busy-ness of unpacking and preparing for my husband's retirement from ACTS. It was a terrific event - extremely moving - and now it's behind us and the next chapter of our lives in underway.
We began by spending this last week at our cabin on Hornby Island, together with family and friends. Sadly I don't have photos of any of it to show you. All the time I thought I was taking photos it seems my memory card was failing to record them. So I am left with lots of good memories, but no pics to remind me of these last days. And nothing to share with you.
So what comes next? Well I am just beginning a new course with Lisa Call - Working in a Series Community and Greenhouse. I am back to work on my Tree Series, and will post photos (taken with my husband's camera!) of my work as it is created. This is a 6-month largely self-directed course, with monthly goal setting and assignment writing, phone calls with Lisa and critiquing our work in an online classroom-like setting. And there will be lots of sharing amongst us too. I am looking forward to spending time in my studio working in a more focussed way. Other time this summer will be spent camping in various spots on Vancouver Island, and attending arts-related events.
What about you? Care to share what plans you have for your own summer - quilt-related or not? I'd love to hear from you.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Quilt Canada - The Countdown in On

One week from today I will be winging my way east from Vancouver Island to Southern Ontario. I am delighted to have been invited to teach at Quilt Canada, being held this year in St. Catharines in the Niagara Region. My suitcases are already bulging with fabric kits and class handouts, and I'm not quite sure how my clothing is going to fit in too. Good thing it's summer and time to dress for warm weather!
I will be teaching three different classes - The Joys of Improvisation, African Sunshine, and The Gratitude Tree. Very different classes in many ways, but each giving participants the opportunity to express themselves creatively, to play with some of the gorgeous fabrics available, and even more importantly, to meet up with other quilters from across the country.
I first taught The Joys of Improvisation in Prince Rupert, and thought you might enjoy seeing a few of their creations from this class. What an amazing group of women - full of spunk and daring - the perfect combination for a class in which there are only guidelines, and no rules. Diane and Lou and Jenny - Debra and Dolly - all of you - I will remember you for a very long time to come. Thanks for agreeing to let me post your work here on my blog - just to give the students in St. Catharines a taste of what's in store for them.