Monday, May 9, 2016

Words and Fabric

I love words almost as much as I love fabric. I enjoy writing and reading, and have collected quotations that inspire me or interest me for longer than I've been stitching. In fact my first collection (which I still have in my possession) was made when I was fourteen years old. So putting words together with fabric is a natural pairing for me. When our small Fibre Art Voices group came up with the theme of "Words" for a future exhibit, I decided that it was time to make some small fabric pieces that featured some of these quotations. Several years ago I made a large piece which contained some of the African proverbs I've collected over the years, so it seemed quite right and natural to return to these pithy sayings. for this project.

I have had a wonderful time retrieving scraps from my basket to make up the backgrounds for the proverbs. Pieced from leftover bits and bobs, each one is different. They're pretty small - about 4" x 6"- but once mounted on a small painted canvas and displayed on a wooden stand, they're quite lovely, I think.  All are being made in readiness for the Mid-Island Studio Tour our group will be part of at the end of this month. And yes, they'll be for sale. If you're anywhere near Deep Bay on Vancouver Island when the tour takes place, please drop by and see us. There are 9 fibre artists in our group, so there'll be lots and lots of variety in what you'll see on display.