Friday, April 25, 2014

Alice's Sewing School Hosts a Workshop

Earlier this month, a two-week workshop for the Bitengye Designers was held at Alice's Sewing School in Rubingo. Recheal from Kikagati, Dinah from Mbarara, and Tumushabe from Lake Bunyoni joined the Rubingo women as they learned how to make garments and other items. The problem of how the women will earn sufficient income in the slow times between Kitambaa orders was one of the things we discussed last fall. The women felt that if they could make simple garments to sell to local customers, it would supplement what they earn through the sale of other Bitengye craft items. These wonderful photos of the event were sent to
me by Athens. Recheal and Tumushabe are modeling the aprons they've just learned to make, Rosette (a young woman from Kikagati sponsored by other Canadians) has learned how to make yoga mats, and all the women made dresses and jackets. You can't really tell from the photo, but these are the cool cotton dresses for "traditionally built women", made from high quality African wax fabrics. A shipment of these items is on its way to us, and they will soon be available for sale online.
Also newly arrived from Uganda is a new supply of luggage tags. Recheal has been working hard on these, and we are selling them for $5 each,
with 100% of the funds going to her clinic. If there are any readers who would like to purchase some of these to give or sell to your friends, please let me know, and I will waive postage in getting them to you. I'm also hoping to interest a few travel shops in carrying them. As someone who has pretty standard luggage, I've always been glad to see these tags come toward me on the carousel - totally unmistakable.
The funds for Recheal's Clinic are gradually growing, and of course one-time donations are always welcome. Soon to be available is a new product being made and sold to help her realize this dream. More of that to follow. But I will tell
you that we'll be selling these and other wonderful items at the Comox Valley Quilt Show being held right here at the end of May. "Slowly by slowly", as our Ugandan friends would say.