Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sponsored students

One of the widows biggest needs is school fees for secondary school students, and through Kitmabaa and various friends of Kitambaa, about 14 students are presently being sponsored. It costs about $500 a year - the actual cost depends on the school - for one year of secondary school. This photo shows some of these students meeting with me in Rubingo. Where there is a parent or guardian, they are also in attendance. I had their reports with me, and we went over those, and for some, the need to work harder in certain subjects, and for others, applauded them for a high standing in their class. Reading and writing in English was encouraged, as students need good skills in these to pursue further education. And we asked if they had paraffin lamps, so they can all study at night during their holidays. There is always a need for more sponsorships, or contributions toward sponsorships. We are hoping to extend some of these to the more disadvantaged children of widows in Kikagati, so please let me know if you might be interested in helping out in this area - email me at Anything and everything would be so welcome. Now I must go and get ready for our students who will be arriving withing the hour!

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