Sunday, February 7, 2010

Knight and Nightingale

Friday and Saturday were both workshop days, and the hum of treadle sewing machines was steady from eight thirty in the morning until five thirty in the evening. The ladies completed six table cloths with borders and cloth backing. This was their first experience of putting blocks together into a whole quilt top, and they rose to the challenge admirably. Quarter-inch seams are still occasionally in need of correction, but the women were quite willing to take out any errors and correct them, in order to end up with a "high quality" product. Here I am showing Knight those places that need to be re-done, while Nightingale translates for me.

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  1. Pippa, your posts help connect us in simple ways - the ripping of an imperfect seam - while we live our lives so differently. Please let these wonderful, resourceful women know that there are many women on the other side of the world cheering them on, hoping for their success, and inspired by their courage and character.