Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lydian and Kamidah

Lydia and Kamidah come from Rubingo, and worked together on this tablecloth (the blue or green borders are still to be added). It was their turn to have their photograph taken - a way of praising them for the good work they've done. It's heart-warming to see the way they're ready to applaud one another's efforts. We have had to do a good bit of un-stitching, however, in the last couple of days, and are now wondering how to let the more advanced students go ahead with new designs, while making sure those who still need more practice, get it. Today we will talk to Alice about the possibility of breaking the class into two groups, and how best to do this.

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  1. Pippa, this blog is wonderful! I am so excited to read it, see your photos of your ladies, their work, and of the people and country side. I will be there in one month. I am thrilled, and really looking forward to my first visit to Uganda. Cheers, Jeannette Lucas