Friday, February 5, 2010

The Hope Choir

If only I could capture the energy and song and strength of this group in a photo - it just isn't possible. These are the members of the Hope Choir, performing in Rugingo. All 22 members are HIV positive, and they come together to spread their message - to get tested, to know your status, how AIDS is spread, and how to live positively with AIDS. They visit many different areas, wherever they are invited (often churches and schools), and sing songs they have composed themselves, perform drama, and dance. They have a powerful impact on many others, encouraging them to get tested, to access counselling, and to access the ARV drugs that are available in Uganda free of charge. A similar group has just been formed in Kikagati - the Truth Choir with 27 members, and Kitambaa has committed to buying uniforms for them (T-shirts and black skirts), and drums, as well as to help raise transport funds so that the members can get to those places that testing and medication is available. These people are so brave, risking shunning by their friends and family, and their work is so valuable.


  1. My best wishes for your group! They are a hard working group of ladies. Hopefully, I will see you in Calgary?

  2. I would love to see this choir. One couldn't help get caught up in their exuberance!