Saturday, January 31, 2009

First Day in Mbarara

We arrived in Mbarara yesterday late afternoon, and after a sound sleep only disturbed by the barking of local dogs (howling would be more like it), we spent today reacquainting ourselves with local fabric shops, and searching once again unsuccessfully for solid black fabric. Solid coloured cottons seem to be non-existent in Uganda. Obusingye (oh-boo-singe-yi), pictured here, and her daughter Agnes, were pleased to sell to us from their collection of veritable wax fabrics. We also found some dynamite fabric from the Congo in her shop. And some thin blankets we think we can use for batting at another nearby vendor.

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  1. Hi Pippa:
    So pleased to hear of your project in Uganda.
    I will keep up with the progress of your adventures and look forward to hearing about your time there. The fabrics are amazing!
    Happy Quilting!
    Mercedes in Gibsons