Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Days in Kampala

After almost two days of travelling, it was terrific to see David on the other side of the barrier at the Entebbe airport. He brought us into Kampala, where we stayed for two nights. Our mosquito netting gave us the feeling of being in a little hide-away. The mystery was how the mosquitos made it into the net, and when we squished them in the morning, it was a little distressing to see our blood oozing from them.

Imagine our surprise when on our fist visit to one of the craft markets, we discovered these quilted bags - one of the projects we had planned to conduct with the women in Mbarara. Time for a little revising of plans. We met the woman making these bags - Daphne - and learned that a friend from Chicago had taught her patchwork. We promised to return and teach her some new designs when we come back to Kampala.

Yesterday we headed down to the fabric markets, and managed to choose some lovely designs. Most of these will be used by the women in the sewing project, but others will make it back to Canada with us, and will be incorporated into kits or cut up into fat quarters. Today will see us heading off to Mbarara, a five and a half hour ride from Kampala, where we will settle into Canada House.


  1. Hi Pippa. Glad you made it safely to Africa. I love the photo of the fabric shop. I want some of everything!

    Jean Boyd

  2. Joanne C, ArmstrongJanuary 30, 2009 at 12:24 PM

    Hello Pippa - thanks for the chance to follow your adventures in fabric with the African ladies. I look forward to the next chapters.

  3. hi Pippa!
    Good to know that you are launched on your project. I presume that I can now send your blog URL out to friends?

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