Sunday, February 1, 2009

Morning in Mbarara

This is the Round House, part of the Canada House compound used by ACTS staff, and it will be our home for the next three weeks. We wake to the cooing of the morning dove, and other birdsong. Looking over the hedge and toward the hills, the smoke of early morning fires can be seen. We have all we really need here - beds equipped with mosquito nets, a tiny kitchen with 2-burner hotplate, a couch and chair in which to read or receive the many visitors that drop by, and best of all, indoor plumbing. The shower is really only a trickle, but as long as the power is on, the water is warm not cold. Right next to us is a second round house, but this one is open to the air, and it will be where classes are held.


  1. What a cute little hut - patterned after the thached houses so common in Africa. Have a great time - good for you working in such a worthwhile project!

  2. hi joan pippa looks like a nice place
    wish i was there hope all is well
    love cathy