Monday, February 16, 2009

Barbra and Loidah

Barbra and Loidah are students at Rushanje Secondary School, who we began sponsoring when they completed P-7, the last year of Primary School. Now they are in S-3, they are working hard, and their marks are good. Barbra's father is an HIV client. She has four younger siblings. Loidah's father is described as a drunkard, who sold the family plot against the mother's wishes, and left her to raise 6 children alone. The third student we visited on Friday was at another school - Bugamba Secondary School. Both her parents are HIV clients (this is the language now used both for HIV positive people and people with AIDS). She is the eldest of 4 children. All three of these girls are boarders, and assistance has been promised to them as long as they keep their marks up.

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