Saturday, February 21, 2009

Time to Celebrate

On Friday afternoon, we presented each member of the Bitenge Designers with a certificate, to acknowledge their completion of Kitambaa's 3-week course in sewing and quilting. They had arranged for a photographer of their own to be present, which gives you an idea how important this occasion was to each of them. They then gifted us with singing and dancing, with the name Bitenge, the names of each woman and the village she came from, and our names, figuring frequently in the midst of their Runkankore.

Perez joined us for these celebrations too. In his work with ACTS, he visits most of these women regularly, and his support will be instrumental in seeing how the women incorporate their newly learned skills into a life that also involves working in the gardens, and other chores. He talked with them about not being proud because they have learned to sew and now have a sewing machine, while their sisters (other widows) do not. It is our hope and prayer that these women, in time, will be ready to teach others, so that the benefits they receive from learning to sew will spread to others.

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