Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Work Continues

The steady thrum of treadle sewing machines along with chatter in Runyankole and laughter and singing has continued all week. Much work has been completed, and the sewing of new fashions has been mastered. So today was an opportunity to take some photos of finished products.

Here are some of the Bitengye Designers, modelling the latest fashion of shoulder bags, made from a combination of wax and Ghanaian fabrics. That's Alice in the middle, their extremely patient and capable teacher.

And the new iPad covers, in response to the request from many of you that we make these. Some of these will be available at the VIDEA sale being held in Victoria, at the end of the month. We won't be home yet, but Trudy will be trekking down island with a great assortment of the Bitengye products.

And just in case you're imagining us here in brilliant sunshine, here's a shot of one of the four thundershowers we had yesterday. The rain buckets down, but the sewing continues. Nothing will stop these women!

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