Friday, November 1, 2013

So Alice has arrived at Canada House and planning for the workshop is well underway. The first and most important thing, of course, was to go fabric shopping. Alice took us to a new shop we'd never been to before, and the selection there was great. As well as the "wax fabric" we've been using up until now, there were fabrics from Ghana - the very fabrics we'd hope to introduce to the ladies - hand-dyes cottons and damasks. (That's what Alice is holding up in the photo.) We also shopped for thread and beads, and then headed back "home" to talk over possible projects. Alice would like to teach the best seamstresses how to make garments, so that they can sew for other people besides Kitambaa Designs, and have a more steady income from doing so. But that might be for a later workshop to be held at her school. She thinks smaller items might be best for the next week. So we have tomorrow to work on more samples. Athens and her baby Ryan (last photo) live on the same grounds, and are keeping an eye on what we're up to. Ditto a small skinny white cat, who visits us regularly for a saucer of milk. We're all feeling pretty well, and eating well too. Curried beans on rice were a great hit last night, and avocados and tomatoes drizzled with balsamic aren't too shabby either. We wake to the morning doves, and settle into good books when the sun goes down in the evening, and the power is either off or a little sketchy. Not hard to adjust to at all. I feel very blessed indeed to be here.


  1. Hi Pippa! Thanks for sharing your journey. I'm glad it is going well. It is wonderful to see all of the photos. Your dream is indeed unfolding.

  2. Thanks Marcy. And yours is too. Amazing how one can dream of something, and maybe write about it, and put out a couple of feelers, and before you know it the very thing you were once dreaming about becomes a reality.

  3. Joanne Colleaux, Armstrong, BCNovember 2, 2013 at 10:02 PM

    Hi Pippa - nice to see the Bitengye stories start to flow again. Looking forward to what is to come.