Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Glimpse Inside the Classroom

So here's a glimpse at our "classroom". It is an inside-outside affair, with the treadle sewing machines sheldered under the round roof, but with only half a wall. When it begins to rain, as it's doing these days (we neglected to check what season we were arriving in, and it is indeed rainy season), we all rush under the cover of the roof, or onto the porch of the big house. But as soon as it stops, which it does as suddenly as it starts, cutting tables and chairs are moved back onto the grass. Except you have to be careful about that too, as rainy season brings out the red ants, and if they start marching in your direction, look out!
Did you notice the iron Sheilah was using? It works beautifully, but requires hot coals to keep it hot. By the way, she's making a quilt from embroidered birds made by Alice's mother and a couple of her friends. Look for the finished article in a few days. And lastly there's our lovely Annah, who is too ill to sew, but has joined us all the same. She has been to the doctor and received treatment, but is still very weak. We make up a bed for her in Canada House so she can lie down whenever she needs to. All the other women are in good health, although Lydia's daughter died this year, and she is now looking after her three children, and Sheilla too has been ill during the year, although she's better now. I brought greetings to all the women from all of you today, and they clapped and clapped in response. They are so happy to be here, every one.

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  1. It is lovely to catch up and connect with the women. Thank you.