Monday, November 18, 2013

Recheal's Dream

Recheal is a remarkable young woman. She first became a member of the Bitengye Designers in 2009, at which time she was having difficulty feeding her four children and the fifth child she had adopted, who had been found wandering in a banana plantation. It was Recheal who told us that she'd bought a door for her house when we asked her how she'd spent her first earnings from sewing. Since then, she has started a Living Possitively with HIV group, completed her nurse's training (actually a one year nursing assistant course, but this allows her to be known as a nurse), and now she has bought a plot of land with more of her earnings, so that she can fulfill her dream of running a shelter for children who are HIV positive, and for orphans.
The little girl in the red dress is her daughter Davita, but all the other children here are either HIV positive or orphans, and it's these children she wants to help. So this is another of our new commitments - to help Recheal in any way we can, to help her build the shelter she dreams of. She is an amazing woman, and I have no doubt whatsoever that she will make this dream a reality.


  1. Pippa how much money are we talking about to build the shelter for the children?

  2. Hi Dianne,
    I am not sure about the answer to this yet. A planner is going to visit the plot early this week, and Recheal is going to bring it to Mbarara on Thursday, and I'll have a better idea then. I'll be sure to post this information when I have it.

  3. Thanks Pippa! I look forward to learning more.