Sunday, November 3, 2013

The First "New Fashions"

Alice has been working hard all weekend, and has made up samples of several of the "new fashions" the Bitengye women will be working on this coming week. Here are the first two iPad covers, something that has been requested by several people over recent months.

And here's a child's travelling crayon case, perfect for a long car ride or a visit to grandparents.

And a pair of Christmas stockings. Add to this a small shoulder bag, a journal cover, a new larger bag and other still-to-be-made crafts, and it will be a busy week. This morning everyone else arrives, and the workshop begins in earnest. In fact I opened the door first thing and found Justina already here. She's going up the hill to the community centre for some chai and Ugandan breakfast. We will be facing some particular challenges this week - more to come on that later - but the biggest one is finding an alternate activity for three of the Bitengye Designers whose work is still not up to standard (Alice's evaluation). Please be thinking of us as we attempt to solve this problem. And thanks to all of you following along with us here in Uganda.

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