Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Quilter's Connection - Check out the Cover!

An Australian Village Gathering
Quilter's Connection is the only quilt journal published in Canada (apart from the Canadian Quilters Newsletter - published by our national quilt association), and I'm very pleased to have been involved with it since the very first issue. I am especially proud to tell you that the Winter issue will feature both the Bitengye Designers - the Ugandan women I have been working with for the last five years - and a new quilt design. Not only that, the African version of the quilt is featured on the front cover, made and beaded by Joan Darling. Joan doesn't believe a quilt is finished until it's beaded, and has proved what a winning combination beading and quilting are in her sample. The second quilt is made from Australian fabrics, with placement of the the rows being just a little different. I hope you like both of them, and that you'll pick up an issue of the magazine just as soon as it's available on the news-stand.
An African Village Gathering

Detail of African Village Gathering

And this last shot is of Rosie, Mistress of the Quilting Studio, who has chosen to grace not one quilt, but two with her presence. I am learning to cover quilts on the work tables with towels, as she is prone to come in from outside, leap up on the table, and head for the cream or solid colours, whereupon she plunks herself down and purrs contentedly, having left little paw prints wherever she's been. Charming.


  1. Was just going through the digital edition of Quilter's Connection magazine and loved your cover quilt and your article about the Bitengye Designers. I found it very moving. I was looking at the articles that are for sale and wondered if it would be possible to include sizes for them. The fabrics are so vibrant and well suited to the designs. I bought some African fabric from you at Quilt Canada in Calgary and am saving it for that special project. Thanks for the wonderful help that you gave these women in providing them with the means to make their lives better.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Kim. As for the sizes of articles for sale, I will try to add those details to the website in the very near future. If there is anything in particular you were wondering about, let me know and I'll send you the particulars.