Monday, November 19, 2012

East African Batiks

This batik came from Tanzania, home of the Masaai people. A friend brought it back with her after touring through that part of East Africa.  Pictured is a group of these nomadic people - mostly women and children - moving to a new location, one imagines, with their precious cattle. My friend, Joan Darling, then quilted and beaded the batik, and if you look closely at the detail shots, you will see just how spectacular her work is. This wall-hanging really didn't need any borders, as the zig-zag was part of the original design. It measures about 54" X 36".

This smaller batik was also beaded by Joan, and I'm delighted to tell you that it's one of the treasures hanging on my own studio wall. I like to hang art work made by other women on my walls, and will show you more of what surrounds me another time. I find it inspiring to be surrounded by the creativity of others while I work - their energy and successes are always an encouragement to me.
If you are looking for a batik of your own to quilt and bead, I have a selection of batiks from Uganda available on the Kitambaa website - They are printed on cotton, and usually still smell fairly strongly of wax. They aren't machine washable though. If you decide to purchase one for yourselv, shipping will be free from now until Christmas. I hope you'll stop by and see if there's one that speaks to you.

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