Friday, November 16, 2012

Bitengye Designs - Hand-crafted Items from Women in Uganda

Gift Bags - $10

Cushion Covers - $15

Placemats - A Set of Four - $20

Tree of Life Tablecloth - $40

What-Not Bags - $12

Jewellery Bags - $8

Batik Wall-hangings - $25

African Lightening Quilt - $95
This time of year is our principal opportunity to sell the work of the Bitengye Designers - the women we work with in Uganda. This coming weekend - November 17th and 18th, is FIESTA in the Comox Valley. If you visit the Africa Community Technical Service (ACTS) table, you will find the Bitengye Designs there. Or if you're going to be in Victoria, I will have a table just for Bitengye, at the VIDEA Fair Trade Sale. Both of these are terrific places to shop for beautiful Christmas gifts that have the added attraction of giving directly to others from around the world. These photos show you a few of the items you will find for sale. And for those of you further afield, I will take orders by email (, with free shipping for all orders over $25 from now until Christmas. And remember, 100% of the profit goes to the women who have made these "fashions", so you will be benefitting them directly, when you buy their products.

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