Thursday, April 28, 2011

More about Yellowknife

One of the things that I enjoyed most about Yellowknife, after the people of course, was the bright blue skies and the brilliant light. The landscape reminded me very much of northern Ontario. This was the view from the apartment where I stayed for the week. Can you see the brightly coloured boathouses out on Great Slave Lake? And the car on the ice highway, which was still open while I was there? Another highlight was going to Bullock's Bistro for dinner. Here we I am with new friends Hazel, Shona (from Inuvik), Brenda and Donna. We're waiting patiently while the day's catch - arctic char and
pickeral - is cooked up for us. That's what you have for supper - whatever has been caught fresh that day. On my last day in YK, I was able to take more photos - of trees (I can never get enough of them, especially the bare branch variety), of ravens (they're absolutely huge!), more photos of colourful boat houses, and one last one of me, proving that I've actually been to this Canadian treasure. I was made to feel so at home, and think I understand a little better now why people stay so long (some, for the rest of their lives). My hope is that I will make it back again before too long, maybe in the summer
time, which would make it possible to explore some of the lakes and do a little canoeing. Until then, thank you all you Yellowknifers, for a terrific visit.

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  1. If you return in the summer, avoid black fly season ... they call them 'bulldogs'. We visited Fort Smith in early July. You couldn't walk outside.