Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teaching in Yellowknife

I am just coming to the end of a delightful week in Yellowknife. The quilters here are terrific, and jumped right into making their own African Collage quilts. These shots give you a glimpse of works in progress, and in a few cases, of finished wallhangings. Donna plunged right in and in painting the white African figures green, yellow and orange, added her own unique spin to the fabrics provided. Julia's piece grew bigger and bigger over the two days. Not only did she have her own collection of African fabrics to add to the piece, but she also included unusual fabrics, such as Dupioni silk and satin. Next pictures is Diana, who hit a bit of a wall in her construction progress at the end of the class, but reappeared two days later with it all together, having found that working at home was just what she needed to push through that temporary barrier. Pat came with her finished wallhanging on that same day, having added guinea fowl and beads, borders and binding. Her quilt was even labelled already! And lastly is Hazel with her quilt, just about ready for her to add the finishing touches. I so enjoyed spending time with these quilters. And what a treat
to be able to visit Yellowknife for the first time in my life. Yes, there's ice and snow, but also brilliant sunshine most days, and rocky, granite outcroppings topped with trees, which are reminiscent for me of many places I visited while I was growing up. And the welcome and warmth (of a different kind) that I've been shown here has been wonderful.

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