Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Glories of Spring

Spring seems to have arrived late everywhere in Canada this year, including the West Coast. As a result, the blossoms were even more welcome than usual when they opened. Of all the spring flowers, I think daffodils have to be my favourite. Such happy faces, so full of sunshine. The pictures I've included here were taken on Hornby Island just before I headed off to Yellowknife. What a contrast with my last post from NWT! And yet each place, each season, is spectacularly beautiful in its own way.

This spring has also seen me completing pieces for several shows. Pictured here is "Encounters with Kente", made for the Fibre Art Network's Pathways exhibit at Spencer Gallery in London, Ontario, being held concurrently with Quilt Ontario. I drew my inspiration from the Kente cloth I had seen being made and purchased while in Ghana, and from the paintings of Ablade Glover. I decided to include a piece of real Kente on the front, to honour it, and then made a companion piece to the Kente, hanging on the right of it. The shapes in the Kente have become body shapes in my piece. The background for the people is made from couched African strips of fabrics on yellow. The bottom of the piece is made of more African thin strips beaded with Ghanaian glass beads. I so enjoyed making this piece, and have plans for more work inspired by African textiles. A series, perhaps.


  1. Pippa this is absolutley beautiful. DO MORE!!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement.