Tuesday, June 30, 2009

R & R - Hornby Island

After a very busy spring, some R & R time is in order. And for me, this means time on Hornby Island. Two ferries and an hour and a half from Comox, there is this magical place that restores my soul. We have a half acre over there, and on it we have perched a not-very-fancy 5th wheel, with a porch. A large tent is put up for the summer, ready to receive any guests that arrive. There is an eagle tree on the property right beside us. And just down the road is Grassy Point, from which the most spectacular sunsets of the summer can be viewed. It's a place to slow down and to re-group. Once the grass is cut, and
the blackberries cut back in their relentless attempt to overtake us, we have little else to think about except reading a long-awaited book, paddling in the tidal pools, cooking shmores over the open fire, and sleeping long and quiet and uninterupted sleeps. Our twin girls, Jessie and Emily, are already over there, and tomorrow we will join them. And on Thursday July 2nd we will celebrate their 30th birthday together. How amazing is that! And then I will set up a little sewing table on the porch, and get that binding on the latest grandmothers' quilt, and will bring out my sketch book and put a few ideas that have been dancing around my head on paper. And all being well, you will be introduced to the patterns that are birthed in this place this fall. May you all have such a soul-nourishing, creativity-inspiring summer!


  1. enjoy!
    we are staying home this summer and s-l-o-w-ing down!

  2. Hi Pippa,
    Your get away sounds DELIGHTFUL! The weather in Fredericton is seeing its first sun in 2.6 weeks today, so I up early to appreciate it. Enjoy your sojourn.
    Kathy Feltmate