Monday, June 8, 2009

A Day of African Sunshine

Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching a one-day class for the Nanaimo Quilters' Guild. African Sunshine was the title of the class - the sample for the class can be seen behind Sandy. This is an original setting of the New York Beauty block, and everyone arrived with colourful fabrics with which to construct their own wallhangings. It took a little patience to get the hang of it, but spirits were high, and even those who were dubious about getting it "right" were soon underway and building their own arcs. It was wonderful to look around the classroom and see all the variations appearing up on the walls. After

a brief lunch, everyone began piecing their arcs into blocks and excitement mounted as quilters imagined what the outcome would be when another 13 or 14 blocks had been made. Mid-afternoon everyone had an opportunity to see a living example of where they were headed, when all the finished blocks were put up on a design wall, and miraculously, the individual blocks of 16 quilters, each with their own individual sense of colour, looked spectacular when combined with each other.
I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing the final results of yesterday's efforts, and may just be working on another African Sunshine myself. It was such fun to play with the colours, to throw in a wild card fabric, to use uglies and unexpected treasures as well as dependable and familiar fabrics. To break the rules and go a little wild with the possibilities. Thanks to all of you for a great class!

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  1. Great idea of putting all the individual's blogs together to make one!