Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lions Gate Quilters and their COPs

Last evening, I was visiting the Lions Gate Quilters, to give my talk, Travels with My Treadle. I took along my "Little Shop on Wheels", as I often do, and it all made for a pleasant visit. But the highlight of the visit for me was seeing the Lions Gate Quilters' Show and Tell. During the last year they challenged all the members to register their COPs - Creative Ongoing Projects - for $2 per person per project. (I love the name COPs! So much more positive than UFOs. I had come to name these partially-started-but-not-finished projects as WIPs - Works in Progress, but Cops is even better.) Anyway, last night the Guild saw a culmination of this challenge. Isn't this piece with large and improbable flowers fun? There were cash prizes for three lucky participants, as well as other prizes given for things like the oldest COP, the most COPs - you get the idea. From what I heard last night, there may well be a repeat of this very successful endeavour next year. I learned another new term last night. One member sidled up to me to aske if I knew what a FART was.
No, I said, I didn't. Well it's a Fabric Acquisition Road Trip!
I also wanted to show you this Africa-inspired quilt made by Carol Piercy, who has also published "Dance" as a pattern. Many of the fabrics had come from Kitambaa Designs originally, so it was especially fun to see them in this incarnation. If you would like more information on Carol's quilts, you can visit her at In the meantime, may summer give you the opportunities to finish up COPs that still call to you, and may there be a FART or two in the months ahead.

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