Sunday, July 5, 2009

Paying Attention

One of the amazing benefits of slowing down, is that there is time to pay attention to the world around us. And it is from that place of noticing the insignificant, moving slowly enough to see the detail, that creativity springs. Here is a small fern frond, just beginning to unfurl in the debris of last year's growth.
Here are its cousins, just a little bit older, vibrant green and stong and tall.

And older family members, resplendant and confident, majestic in their summer attire.
And here are the blackberry bushes, making their annual bid to overtake the salal, some of the berries already ripe.
And when not taking time to pay attention to the natural world around me, there is the time to notice the details of other treasures, in this case these carved gourds from Uganda. Barbara Ueland, an older and very wise writer about writing, credits her creativity to the daily walk which was part of her routine. Time to pay attention, she said. To take the time to notice details. In some mysterious way, she was more creative because of it. And we who work with fabric benefit from taking time to pay attention in the same way. What a joy to be travelling a little more slowly through these summer days, to have the luxury of noticing the world around me.

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