Friday, July 31, 2009

Quilter's Connection

Excitement is mounting. . . . This September the first issue of the first ever Canadian quilting magazine will be published. It has been birthed from what up until now was a BC only quilt magazine - Connection for Quilters. It was a wonderful little magazine, but it is now time for it to move on, and in its new life, it will be known as the Quilter's Connection, and will be a Canada-wide publication. Kudos to editor Heather McArthur for taking on this exhilirating (if a little scary) challenge! For more information on the magazine, and to subscribe to it, visit their blog at I hope to see as many Canadians as possible give a vote of confidence to this new publication by signing up for a subscription right away. And friends-of-Canada too for that matter. It's just that we've been dwarfed by American publications so long, and now it's time to embrace our own wealth of quilters and quilt artists. And I can't think of a better way to do that than taking out a subscription now. I am honoured that I will have a regular column in Quilter's Connection, entitled "Confessions of an Incurable Quilter". And a new design - "Art Deco Delight" - is being featured in the first issue. So here is a photo of that project, made in colourful primaries first, and then in subtler blues and purples - just to whet your appetite. There will also be a column by Tricia Sherman on quilt shops in Canada, an off-shoot of her hugely popular "Great Canadian Shop Hop" series, and a project by Freckles designer, Dougal Ann Walker. All that and much more.


  1. I'm really excited too. I've written an article for the first edition: The Virtual Quilting Bee: How quilters connect online.

    The magazine is featured as a give-away on my site this week too:

  2. I can't wait! Must get my subscription in right away. (although maybe I'll win one too!)
    Pippa - love your Art Deco Delight, and am looking forward to reading your column. Yeah for Canadian Quilters!