Monday, August 10, 2009

Hornby Island Quilt Show

Last week, on the Sunday of the holiday weekend, I was honoured to take part in the Hornby Island Quilt Show. This is a one-day annual affair, held outdoors (weather permitting), on Heinz and Eleanora Laffin's charming property. And this year the day was perfect - sunny but not too hot, a warm breeze blowing through the tall firs and through the orchard, and quilts hung against the barn, along the house siding, through the apple trees, and out on the washing line. Add to this the sweet sounds of Graham Herbert playing his harp, lemonade and goodies served in the garden, and the friendly interest of island dwellers and island visitors alike, and it made for a very pleasant day indeed. I went with the items made by the Bitengye Designers, as well as this year's Grandmothers' quilt, and the sales of over $1000 will go directly to the Kitambaa Sewing Project. So encouraging. It was lovely to be part of such a community event. There was no jurying, there were no prizes, but every person entered the quilts they had made in the previous year, and felt proud to be a part of it all. There was tremendous variety in style of quilt, in colour use, and both traditional and innovative designs could be enjoyed. I couldn't help but feel that this was quilting at its best.

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  1. Thanks for sharing photos of the show, Pippa. We can never get a camping reservation for that weekend, so I've only seen quilts at the fall fair on Olsen Farm...I'll be on Hornby the last week of August so I will look for you (but I have a feeling you're busy at other shows then?)...Krista