Friday, July 10, 2009

Inspiration From a 92 year old Quilter

Yesterday, early in the morning, an email arrivethat made my day. It was this picture of Blanche, a recent participant in my African Sunshine class. She had been persuaded to take part in the class by her friends, and just look at what she's done! It is such a well-balanced piece, obviously made by someone with her own well-developed sense of colour - someone who has been true to herself in choosing the fabrics she worked with. Paper piecing was a technique that was new to Blanche, but after a bit of a bumpy beginning, she caught on and was away to the races. I love the way her quilt tones in with what she's wearing. I swear, we have a much more develped sense of which colours work together than we ever give ourselves credit for. After all, we get up and put on clothes every morning. Congratulations, Blanche, on your quilt, but even more, on your spunk and your willingness, even at 92, to try something new. You have given all of us something to strive towards.

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