Monday, March 5, 2012

Quilts in the Co-op

On Hornby Island, the Co-op is the hub of the community. It's a wonderful place, where you can find everything from long underwear to specialty dips. And every February they decorate it with quilts from the Hornby Quilters. They're hung from the beams and along the walls, and brighten the whole place admirably - something that's especially appreciated at that time of the year. I can only show you a few of them here, and my photos don't really do them justice, but you'll be able to get the feel of the place, I think. There were quilts hanging made by most of the members of the Hornby Quilters, and a couple of group quilts as well. And amidst it all, Juanita is
carrying on business as usual. This is just a taste of what's to come, as the August outdoor quilt show is the big event. If you happen to be on Hornby the first Sunday in August, do drop by. Eleanora Laffin's home is hung with lines in the orchard, near flower gardens, on the washing line, on the outhouse, and on every other available space. There are even goodies and teas served in the dappled light under the trees. It's an event not to be missed. (The quilts for which there is a close-up, were made by Eleanora Laffin, Marg Bennett, and ????? Help!!! Why can't I remember to write these things down when I take the pics? I never seem to be able to keep the information in my head these days. Is it just me?)

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