Friday, March 23, 2012

It Takes a Village - in Chilliwack

I spent a terrific week in Chilliwack last week, where quilters from both their Guilds - yes they have two Guilds - The Chilliwack Quilters Guild and the Piecemakers Guild - built all sorts of villages in the workshop I taught, as well as being a terrific audience to two Trunk Shows - the first about my work with the Bitengye Designers in Uganda, and the second about working with African fabrics. I can hardly wait to see the finished wall-hangings, as well as how they use the African fabric that was purchased in upcoming work. I was shown incredible hospitality, and while I had to come home to pack to go to Asilomar (Yikes! That's tomorrow!), I would gladly have stayed longer with this creative and enjoyable group. They look pretty hard at work, even serious, in some of these photos. But let me tell you that they were loads of fun, and that there was much laughter as well as significant stitching done. Thank you everyone for making me feel so at home!

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