Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Visiting Rubingo

Yesterday was a long-awaited day. Joan, Ben and David drove two hours over worse-than-washboard roads to visit Rubingo. Sadly I had come down with a tummy bug and couldn't go with them, but they all gave me a full report on their return. Alice's new school - it has most of the doors and windows now, and has been plastered on part of the outside. Now it needs floors, plastering on the inside, tables and benches, shelves, beds and sheets and, and, and. So it isn't quite ready to move into yet, but Alice was so pleased to show it to everyone, and presented us with a big box of fruit in thanks.
Over 110 widows and grandmothers, including the five members of the Bitengye Designers who live in Rubingo, met with the "Muzungu visitors" in a nearby church. As always it was moving to hear their stories, and to be greeted and welcomed by people so full of determination and pride, but with so little material wealth. Alice accompanied the crew back to Mbarara in the evening, and joined us for the first day of her training today. It was so good to get back into the actual work of teaching new designs and to sewing.


  1. Hi Pippa and Joan
    It is wonderful to be able to read about your adventures in Africa again. Good luck with all your new projects. I look forward to reading your Blog posts and must admit, I am envious of your beautiful weather as we endure the cold and snow in Ontario.

  2. Joanne, Armstrong, BCJanuary 11, 2011 at 9:13 PM

    After broken glasses and the tummy bug, I hope that the little bumps are finished for this trip.
    Alice looks thrilled with her building, and I'll be reminding the ladies at guild tomorrow about her progress.
    In a happy development, I'll be attending the Grandmothers' fundraising evening in Victoria in March - hope to see you there.

  3. ths is awesome, soulfully rewarding,
    the idea of continuity for generations is my idea as i look to the future.
    carolyn bennett palm harbor fl/ joans friend.