Monday, January 17, 2011

First Day of the Workshop

Monday was the first day of the Bitengye workshop. We had travelled down to Lake Bunyonyi over the weekend, where we met with Maudah. We told her that now that she has all the skills,
machines and income to start her own business, she is a "graduate" of the Bitengye Designers. She has already rented a space in which to teach her own students, and she will continue to sell her crafts at Bushara Island on Lake Bunyonyi. In her place is Dinah, who has been making table napkins over the last year, and wishes to expand her skills. The other women have given her a warm welcome, and all of them have begun to make a slightly revised version of placemat. The idea is that we will evaluate everyone's placemats when they are finished, and those who have made a "top quality" product will move on, while those who haven't will keep making placemats. Alice has taken on responsibility for the teaching, and is doing an excellent job. Day 2 is about to begin, so I must rush and get dressed, so I am ready!


  1. This seems so unreal! Look how hard these women work, how dedicated! Its so great to see these updates after viewing you slideshow. Heartwarming!!
    Monika in Saskatoon

  2. Joanne, Armstrong, BCJanuary 18, 2011 at 6:20 AM

    Hooray for Maudah! It must be very gratifying to see the ladies in a position to share their new skills - more will have doors for their houses.

  3. What a wonderful challenge. But I can imagine how stressful it must be. Placemats are so popular now too. So are mug rugs.. I love making small projects too. Good luck.