Saturday, January 8, 2011

Modern Art from Uganda

I have been intrigued by the modern/abstract art that I have seen on this trip to Uganda. I don't know if it's totally new or if I didn't have the eyes to see it on other visits, but I have so appreciated seeing work a little different than the batik pictures I usually gravitate towards. These paintings were all on display in a gallery at the equator, where we usually stop on the journey from Kampala to Mbarara. The artists themselves are nearly always men, and self-taught. I had encountered a few artists in Kampala on other visits, but it seems there is an increasing amount of contemporary art in evidence. Perhaps this is one of the outcomes of
having a more stable government, or perhaps art will flourish anywhere given the opportunity, even in adverse situations. At any rate, I thought you would enjoy seeing something a little different.

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