Monday, January 31, 2011

A Few Last Photos of the Bitengye Designers

Here are Lidiya, Recheal and Stella - on their way home to Kikagati. Besides their sewing supplies, Recheal is taking home a sack full of dresses for the women of the HIV positive group (thanks to all of you who donated these dresses), money to rent two plots of lands on which 8 members of the group can grow crops, the first monthly installment of funds to buy basic food for those in her group too ill to work, and the assurance of money in a transport fund so those who need treatment can travel to Mbarara to get it. I couldn't resist including the next photo of the women quilting away in a heavy downpour. These heavy thunderstorms arrive quite quickly, and the women simply moved their machines a little further toward the centre of the classroom, so that they wouldn't get wet while sewing. And lastly is a photo of them walking down the road, away from Canada House, to the hostel where they stayed for the workshop, and the community centre where they ate their meals. These women have given so much to us, and as we pack our bags ready to go back to Kampala, we are already missing them.

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  1. Pippa,
    This undertaking is so inspiring, to see first hand what just a little bit of help will achieve. Thank-you for being so caring and coordinating all the contributions others have made.