Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What Am I Working on Now?

It will probably come as no surprise to anyone that I am back working with African fabrics again. The new ones David brought home from Uganda in October have been added to old favorites - such a riot of colour - and cut into rectangles.
Then I added squares in a variety of warm-coloured neutrals. Can you guess where I'm going with this?
And before you know it I have rows of flying geese. There's still more work to be done before the quilt top will be complete, but it has been such a pleasure working with these fabrics again. I've brought out my African beads and bits and bobs of all sorts too, and anticipate working with all of these in the months to come.
Because I am still getting requests for African fabric for sale, I've decided to make some of these items available on my own Etsy shop - Kitambaa Studio - which will be up and running shortly. Here's a peek of the first bundle of fat quarters being offered. 
On another note altogether, and with the help of the Hornby Quilters, my "Turning Sixty-five" quilt has now been thread-basted. I love it when I'm able to join this amazing group of women, when sewing machines are set up and tables are raised,and work is done on both community and personal quilts until tea-time. Then Heinz Laffin's pottery teapots are filled and home-baked goodies are put out on a plate, and we share a story or two before heading home again. Now I will be thinking of them, as well as mulling over all sorts of other things, while I sit and slowly hand-stitch the layers together. 

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