Monday, November 28, 2016

Fibre Art Voices Exhibit on the Mid-Island Studio Tour

The small group I belong to - Fibre Art Voices - once again had an opportunity to exhibit our work as part of the Fall Mid-Island Studio Tour. Lorraine, who lives in Deep Bay, kindly allowed us to fill her large studio with our offerings. We hadn't had the opportunity to see all of our "Indigo" challenge pieces together before, and were delighted to see them hanging on display. More are in the works, so I'll be showing you more in the weeks and months to come.
I submitted a number of my Africa-inspired journal pages and proverbs, and was happy to learn yesterday evening that a number of them found new homes among those of you who visited the studio.
Both Hennie and Karrie have been making a number of pieces inspired by trees, using felting and free-motion stitching, as well as other surface design methods.
Margaret and Gail continue to dye some exquisite textiles, all of which were for sale. They are using ice-dyeing, discharge dyeing, shibori and other methods of mark-making too numerous to list. I must confess that one or two pieces made their way home with me (surprise, surprise!).
Karrie is also involved in spinning and dyeing her own yarns, while June has been making exquisite amulets (on the left in photo).
More of Hennie's felting work is shown here, and in the foreground are brooches made by Gail.
The second Gayle in our group in known for her marvelous hand work, and was selling journals which featured both embroidery and buttons.
Last but not least are shorebirds machine stitched by Karrie on the left, and a baby gull and zebras made by Hennie on the right. Thank you to all the folks who dropped by on what was a very busy weekend in the Comox Valley. All of us agree that meeting you and chatting with you is the highlight of what is a terrific weekend. And thanks especially to those of you who purchased some of our work. Now it's back to the studio to do some more "making of things". 

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