Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas from the Bitengye Designers

Kamidah, Anna, Lydia, Justina, Knight and Alice - the six Bitengye Designers who live in Rubingo - are photographed here in the office of Alice's Sewing School. They're looking pretty pleased, as I've been able to place a new order with them. We just about sold out of their products at the three Christmas Craft Fairs we attended this fall, with the proceeds from the sales all going to the Widows Garden Project. So we used some of the proceeds to re-order the most popular items.
The letter I wrote to them was read aloud at the meeting, and they sent their greetings back to Canada. So I am passing them on to you, thanking all of you who purchased their products at the local fairs, and giving the rest of you a heads-up that soon some of these will be available on Etsy. Yes, I am going to open an Etsy shop, and will be selling some fabrics, some beads, and some finished products. Stay tuned . . .
I wish I'd thought about it in enough time, but what I really would have liked to do, was to make a Christmas card from this quilt, or a couple of others I've made, and to sell those too, with proceeds going to these women. That might be something to remember for next year. In the meantime, I'll be making more African pieces and posting them as they're finished, with a portion of all the sales going to the Widows Garden Project.
Here's another that might work - of Alice teaching the women how to thread a treadle.
I found this card quite by accident recently - one I made for my Mum and Dad when I was six - and thought you might enjoy seeing it. Some of the fluff (snow) has fallen off, but I still quite like it. Must be the bright colours! I wish all of you a very Happy Christmas, and a New Year full of possibilities and creative pursuits!

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