Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Happened Next?

 When I wrote this blog a couple of weeks ago, I was working from the centre out on a new quilt, using two sizes of half-square triangles made from African wax fabrics and from solid black fabric. I left you hanging, while I decided what came next. My original idea had been to put squares of different yellows around the centre half-square triangles, and use that as a background, but when I tried that out, the contrast between the black and the yellows was just too much. So that idea had to be ditched. Next I tried out several white on black fabrics, but none of them seemed quite right, until I used two different white on blacks, and sewed them on like I was sewing a Bright Hopes block, with one fabric on the top and the bottom, and the second fabric on both sides of the centre.
I still wanted to put applique shapes - baobab trees and animals, I thought, on the background. But the trees, which I put in each of the four corners, looked like shrivelled up bits of seaweed, not the magnificent giants of sub-Saharan Africa, so off they came. And then the simplest idea of all came to me - why not put circles in three or four sizes on to opposite corners - liberated circles, I like to think of them that way, dancing away to their own music, while the more rigid and mathematically-inclined triangles hang onto their precision and points. I liked this much better. Now it needs to be quilted, and named, and bound in more scrappy lengths of African fabrics. Now I can move onto the next quilt. I think there might be hope for me - seeing one thing through before moving onto the next. Sort-of. Make that working on 4 or 5 quilts at a time before moving onto new ideas. That's an improvement, for sure.


  1. I love this Pippa! The circles are perfect and as you said, contrast beautifully with the triangles. I can see the dancing!

  2. Thanks Margo. I was pretty happy with them, and was surprised that the design solution, in this case, was such a simple solution.

  3. I like this, too, Pippa. I really like the circles in contrast to the triangles and the outside border is fabulous. Thanks for including photos of how you got there. It's great to see how you arrived at the moment when you knew you had it right.

  4. delight, fun, colourful - are some of the words that come to my mind. I am going to Uganda in January for 3 second trip. Would love to meet you before I go. Do you have a full schedule these days?
    Susan Dobson

    1. My schedule is pretty open at the moment, Susan. It would be great to get together. I'm delighted to hear the words you've used to describe this quilt. It's really about the people I have had the honour to work with in Uganda.