Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hornby Community Quilt 2012

 Every year, for many, many years now, a community quilt is made on Hornby Island. This year's theme was water, and the proceeds from the quilt went to the Water Committee. (Although this island is surrounded by water, and receives considerable rain every winter, ground water is still a precious resource.) Background fabric and three or four other possible fabrics are distributed to everyone who would like to participate - mostly 12" X 12" squares, with a few squares that are double that. 
 After that, it is entirely up to each individual how they would like to interpret the theme. The close-up gives you a better idea of the diversity of blocks, which are then put together with sashing by the Hornby Quilters. Tickets go on sale outside the Co-op all summer long, where it hangs underneath a specially constructed roof, and astonishes visitors and locals alike. My own block is of two kayaks pulled up on the beach at Grassy Point. I'm not sure if the ticket has been drawn yet for the winner - I know that I haven't had a phone call yet! Whoever that lucky person is, they will the owner of a true work of art. Congratulations to all who pariticipated in making the quilt. It's a beauty, once again.

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