Thursday, October 4, 2012

Up for a Challenge

Up for a Challenge Art Quilts is the name of an online 12 X 12 group that I belong to. The idea is that every 3 months we will all make a quilt to fit the theme chosen for that quarter. The theme this time was Incandescence. I had piles of already-fused fabrics left over from a Sue Benner class I took last spring. I had a lot of fun creating this glowing "something" (sun? fireworks? sparkler?) with some of those fabrics. The tricky part was keeping all the fabrics in place while I was arranging them. I learned to fuse a row or two at a time, between layers of a Teflon pressing cloth. Then I could peel it off and add the next layer, working all the time from the centre out to the borders. To see more of the results of this challenge, you can google Up for A Challenge Art Quilts. I think that will take you there.

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