Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ferns, Flowers, and Other Follies - an Original Application

Sue Robertson from New Brunswick recently sent me this "quilt" resulting from a Ferns, Flowers and Other Follies workshop I gave back east last year, and certainly it qualifies for the most original application of an Art Deco-inspired piece that I have seen to date. She travels a fair bit, so decided to incorporate her design into a garment bag. I love it!
Meanwhile I am down in Houston at Quilt Market. The third of my new Art Deco designs accompanied me here - an adaptation of Jocelyn's quilt, that I showed you in August. I've called it Faith, and it will be available for order by the end of November. Here's a peek at it in its unquilted state.
Made up in turquoisy-greens, and then pinky-purples. For any of you who have read the children's story of Miss Rumphius, it may have particular meaning. In our family, that story is an all-time favourite.

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  1. Hope you're having fun in Houston!! It must be exhausting, though...all that inspiration! Enjoy it and have a safe trip home Pippa. I will look for Miss Rumphius at the library - it is a story we don't know and I'd like to see how it ties in with your beautiful design.