Monday, October 10, 2016

The Fabric of Life - A Visit to the Wellington Quilters' Exhibition

Although I hadn't planned it this way, I fortuitously arrived in Wellington (New Zealand) just in time for their quilt exhibition. Held in the Wellington Academy of Fine Arts, a marvellous venue that allowed one to stand back and actually see and appreciate the quilts, it was a week-long affair, and I thought I'd share just a few of my favourite pieces. The first is made by Jenny Hall, and is called "They are Bees not Flies", the meaning of which becomes clear when the red fabrics of the third border are examined closely. It received the "Best Traditional Quilt" award.

Next is "Waste and Renewal II", made by Fyvie Murray, which received the "Excellence in Quilting" award. I loved the colourful circles, almost like bubbles, emerging from the turquoise background in this.

This one is Frances Velvin's gorgeous "Aotearoa II - Kiwis in the Sun". It was given the award for "Excellence in Use of Colour". I especially like the outide border designs - very Kiwi.

And lastly here's my favourite of all, "Street Lights Through the Fog", made by Jill Bowman. I stood in front of this for a very long time, and was pleased to see it was given the "Best Contemporary Quilt" award, although I found a quilt of a sunset made by the same person just as stunning. As well as viewing the quilts, I was able to chat with a few fellow quilters, and altogether was made to feel very welcome and at home at the exhibit. And now that I have my own little sewing area set up in the bedroom I'm calling home for the month of October, all is right in my world. Spending time with my daughter and her family, including almost 10 month old Griffin, is pretty sweet too! 

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  1. Have a lovely month in NZ. Look forward to more posts. Especially good for you to have lots of fun with Griffin. We are enjoying having Gracie back in town. She's charmer.