Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Mended" - An Exhibit of the Surface Design Association

I was very fortunate, this last week, to be able to see "Mended", at the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver, where it is showing until May 15th. This is a travelling exhibit by members of the BC and Yukon Surface Design Association, and includes work by 25 textile artists, who share their stories inspired by their understanding of mending. I had seen a few photos of the pieces online, but nothing compares to being there in person, to standing before a specific work and allowing oneself to respond to what one sees. So moving to see the many different interpretations, and the high calibre of work of the artists. I've included photos of a few of my favorites.
Michelle Sirois-Silver - Extractions Series

Catherine Nicholls - Mend Your Ways

Susan Purney-Mark - Beg or Boro

Judy Alexander - Grandma's Magical Stories

Patt Wilson - Rehabilitating, Detail
I went away thinking about how important it is for people choosing to do their one creative work, to expose themselves to as many different artists as possible - work in all mediums. It enriches one's understanding and encourages me, at least, to keep trying - to pursue the myriad of ideas dancing around in my head - to push my own work in new directions and see where it takes me. It's one of the wise pieces of advice offered by Julia Cameron in her book - The Artist's Way - to visit art galleries and exhibits as often as one has the opportunity. She calls it "filling the well". As for me, I came away from it with my inner self whispering a soft "yes". Yes, this is what I want to do, more than anything else. Wonderful!

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