Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Murder of Crows

A Tribute to Ana Miriam
How delightful it was to stumble upon these crow quilts when I dropped into a small bakery on Cliffe Avenue yesterday. All made by friend Jessie Schut, they are made with a gentle blend of seriousness and humour. Each one celebrates a different aspect of life, or a person, or a time. Jessie has been writing her blog - Crow Day One - for almost two years now. In it she continues to tell her stories and to reflect on life with the same wisdom glimpsed in these small works. I had seen photos of the crows on the website, but not in person until yesterday, and I was charmed. Jessie also enjoys playing with unusual fabrics, often with bits of bling, and is unafraid of using all sorts of embellishments. If you live anywhere near the Comox Valley, I would encourage you to drop into "Sweet Surprise" to see them for yourself. And if not, I hope you enjoy them vicariously via this blog.

Easter Morning Alleluia

Self Portrait at 65

Love Birds
Coming home after seeing Jessie's Crows, I was thinking about how important it is for those of us who work in fibre to get our finished pieces out there for the public to enjoy. How great that shops like Sweet Surprise are willing to act as a gallery for us. And how wonderful that Jessie was ready to share her creations. Thanks to you both.

Aesop's Crow

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