Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Different Christmas Story

Sarah wearing an Alice bag
I have just finished reading a collection of short stories about Christmas-time - some of them sad, some of them bitter-sweet, and some of them heart-warming. The Christmas story I'd like to tell you here falls into the latter category. It's about an inspiring group of young people - mostly twelve year-olds in grade 7 - who have all sorts of ideas about how they might make the world a better place, and who set about doing so. Last year I spoke to them about the Bitengye Designers and about Alice (the Coordinator of the group), and her efforts to build a new sewing school. They sold quite a number of items last year, which provided the money for flooring materials and paint and other necessities. So I was thrilled when Sarah Nuez asked if Alice still needed bags sold to raise money for her school, and if they could sell these at their school. Indeed, Alice still needs finishing materials, for cupboards and tables and chairs, and other equipment. So Sarah and Gabby and their friends determined to sell the bags before the two performances of their school concert. You can imagine how excited they were, as was I, when they returned with the proceeds of their sale -
Sarah and friends selling Alice bags at the school concert
$1000, which will go directly to Alice to do the work that remains to be done. After they left me, I had time to think about what they'd done - so eagerly and so happily. With the support of their teachers and their parents, they have learned very young that they CAN make a difference. What a gift! And what a gift it will be to Alice, when I write to tell her. And I hope that just hearing about it is a gift to you too. Merry Christmas Everyone!
Gabby and Sarah present me with $1000 towards Alice's school


  1. Good for them!! I love it when young people put themselves out there like this. Teens don't get enough recognition for the great things they do.

  2. Very nice. I'm glad you shared the story. Our little grandkids in grace 5 have been working to make money to send to Uganda. They don't quite realize how much of an impact they are making but I'm sure they will some day. They skype with the class that they raise funds for. It's so nice and I'm impressed with the teachers who go out of their way to make it happen. Merry Christmas.

  3. Joanne, Armstrong, BCDecember 24, 2012 at 2:17 PM

    greatly encouraging - our guild happily continues to support your work with the ladies. One of our earlier contributions was for two scholarships for women to attend Alice's school.