Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Lone Tree, and Other Monterey Memories

I have been home for 5 days now, but am still reminiscing about my time at the Empty Spools Seminar (Asilomar) and the Monterey Peninsula. It really was a very special time. Just south of Asimolar, is the 17 Mile Drive - a superb stretch of coastline that we explored with friends, Lyn and Bob. And one of the stops is at the "Lone Pine". This tree has withstood the ravages of weather for more than 200 years, and its image has been copyrighted, if you can believe it, by the company that owns Pebble Beach, among other things. There is a story that a well-known quilter used it in one of her quilts, but then was unable to show it/sell it, due to the copyright issue. Monterey pines and cypress are the main trees growing in this part of the world, and a particularly stunning grouping of several pines stands right outside the main hall and the dining room at Asilomar. There's also a photo of the boardwalk through the sand dunes - all of these may appear in future quilts. Who knows? For now, I'm back to working on a few commitments that were

waiting at home for me - a block for the Hornby Community Quilt, a 12" X 12" piece for a SAQA of Western Canada exhibit, and samples for new kits that will make their appearance at Quilt Canada at the end of May in Halifax. Yes, I will be there as a vendor, with lots of African fabrics, batiks, patterns and kits. I'll give you a peek at some of what I'll be bringing in the days to come. (The last photo, by the way, is the one from which I drafted my design in the Ruth McDowell class. I realized that without it, the diagram I showed you on my last post would mean absolutely nothing!

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